I was with my friend and her cousin at her dock on Lake Lanier, and it was night. We decided to go out on the canoe and explore the lake at night, but instead of using the canoe we instead used a large, neon green inflatable tube. We drifted around for a bit but decided to return to my friends house. When we got back, we realized there was a party going on. At first, we all had fun and everything, and everyone was going crazy. After a while, I started to pick up a few things because they place was getting very messy, but I was still having fun. That is, until I saw my ex. (We broke up a few days ago in real life.) The thing is, though, in this dream he wasn’t my ex yet, and we had a cute little romantic stroll outside. Then I think I may have broken up with him in my dream? (This part is a little fuzzy.) So then after most of the guests left including my ex, my friend, her cousin, and I headed back down to the dock to continue our tube adventure. We hopped on the tube again and basically floated our way over to another dock that belonged to some adults who were very big fans of the Atlanta Falcons. It was around noon at this point because they were having a cookout, but they only made hamburgers, no hotdogs. We talked to them for a bit and are their food. Then, for some reason I was on a bus with my lacrosse team (my friend is on the team too) and we were coming home from a game. Instead of sitting around my usual bus buddies I was sitting with my ex’s ex (who in real life hated me until she found out he and I broke up a few days ago). She was singing at first, and I joined in. However, I am an awful singer and realized that all over again, so I stopped. Then after a few minutes, my other friend pointed out that my ex’s ex was crying. The bus arrived at a large mall complex, and when I got off the bus there, I was greeted by my family. I was the only one from my team to get off the bus here. My family and I went into the mall and headed to the food court because we were hungry. We went to a Chinese restaurant there except it was a sit-down restaurant not fast food. Next thing I know I’m volunteering at some sports convention in a big warehouse and I’m running some booth with my ex and he’s all mopey. This convention is apparently just a bunch of fans of sports teams from Atlanta and Georgia who set up booths about the teams and sell fan gear. Then somehow I find myself outside the warehouse, and one of my other friends exes was there, and he walked me back to my booth because I was lost. On the way, I saw the group of adults setting up a booth of their own about the Falcons, and we exchanged hellos. Then I woke up the end.

New stick

So I play lacrosse. I’m on spring break right now with my friend, and I ordered a new lacrosse stick that was delivered to my house yesterday. I dreamed about it:

We had a game. The team was getting ready to go down to the field together to warm up. I did not have my new stick with me. We start walking a very long way to the field. About halfway through, I remembered I got a new stick. I was so delighted by this realization, I began to run. I ran ahead of the team then turned around and ran back to the team. I did this several times shouting, “I got a new stick!” My coaches were very confused by this and seemed to be a bit annoyed. When the game was about to start, they did not put me in as usual and instead played one of our worst players.

This part made me wake up and promise myself I wouldn’t get too enthusiastic about my new stick.

Typhoon Lagoon

So apparently my family was in Florida and we had the choice of either going home or to Walt Disney World by train. My parents both wanted to just go home, but my older brother really, really wanted to go to Disney, specifically the park Typhoon Lagoon. This was uncharacteristic of him, but he was very adamant about going. I just observed as my family was arguing over where to go, and then I woke up.

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Oh my goodness.

So in my dream, I was in our living room when I hear this loud screeching noise coming from downstairs. Finding it extremely obnoxious, I went downstairs to check it out. I found that the noise was coming from these cocoon things on the window in our computer room. There were three cocoon things and they were bigger than my fist. As I was studying them, I noticed that the one in the middle was making the screeching noise, and it was bigger than the other two. Then, it shifted. The creature in the screeching sac seemed to melt a little, causing the cocoon to droop. Freaking out, I backed away and yelled to my dad who was on his computer. Just as he turned around, the middle cocoon exploded. Red-orange liquid sprayed everywhere as a few very large mangled orange frogs attempted to move around. Many were missing legs and some had ruptured their little neck bubble. I screamed in terror and begged my dad to kill them. He did. Once they were dead and the gross frog juice was all dried up, I asked my dad to remove the other two cocoons, and I woke up.

Up dream

So I was trying to get back on a normal sleeping schedule for school. I usually fall asleep if I’m watching a movie or show that I actually want to watch so I turned on Up. I put the volume on the lowest possible and fell asleep a few minutes later. Then, I had this dream:

I was in my house, and it was nighttime. I was in the kitchen making food because I was hungry while having a movie playing on the tv. It oddly was very similar to one of my favorite movies, Up. There was and old man, a little boy, a talking dog, and a giant bird, and they all had the exact same voices as the characters in Up. They even said the exact same things as Up, but it was still not Up. I thought that this movie was just such a stupid poser, so I turned it off. Then, I hear sirens of a police car. I also hear squawking, similar to the sound of Kevin from Up, coming from down the street. I believe that these bird noises are coming from some lady a few houses down, and she is in trouble hence the police. I have a terrible feeling that the police are out to arrest me, so I hide behind the counters. They drive by without incident. The end.

First of all, there would be no reason for the police to arrest me in real life. Second, I woke up to Up still playing, and I realized that the Up sounds that I was hearing in my dream were really from the movie.

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One of my favorite dreams.

I had the cutest little puppy who was named Heathrow after the London airport. Heathrow was so little, he could barely open his eyes. I walked around a dark basketball stadium, and little Heathrow followed me everywhere. We wandered through the seats until I spotted some guy sitting in one of the seats with his back to me. Thinking I was alone with Heathrow, I was surprised by this silent stranger. I approached and greeted him. He swiveled around to respond, revealing himself to be Liam Payne of One Direction. I fangirled internally, but on the surface, I played it cool. We spent a very long time talking to each other and playing with Heathrow. The end.

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So that explains that…

This dream is split into two parts.

Part 1:

Apparently, at my school in my dream there’s this girl who has a crazy mom who is kept at the school. I am at school just going to lunch when, all of a sudden, an announcement comes on saying that the crazy mom lady has escaped her cage or something, so everyone goes crazy. We are all running around in a panic trying to find a place to hide from the crazy lady. I run to the courtyard where some kids are eating, and tell them, hysterically, what’s going on because, for some reason, announcements can’t be heard from the courtyard. The crazy lady’s daughter in in there, so I start yelling at her about why she so horrible for having a crazy mom. Then, I feel bad because she starts crying, and I apologize. She forgives me and everyone in the courtyard and I start running around trying to hide somewhere. In an instant the stress and fear is gone because the mother was captured. Then, it’s like nothing ever happened.

My school in real life does not house a crazy lady, nor does it have a courtyard. When I woke up, I did feel very bad for yelling at the girl with the crazy mom because she can’t help it.

Part 2:

The same day, I’m still at school, and I start making my way towards the gym which is across a field. I’m going there because we have a lacrosse tournament. I go inside the gym, and at least half of it is full of chairs and people in the chairs. The other half is split into two parts; an open area and a curtained off space. I go to the curtained place, and it appears to be a changing room. Instead of looking like a normal locker room for athletes, it looked more like a backstage room you would see on a TV show about behind the scenes of theater. This changing area contained many lacrosse players getting ready for the games, and the open area had other players who were already clothed for the day, warming up by playing wall ball. I got ready and looked out through the curtain nervously like a performer with stage fright checking out the audience. Then, I see Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf walking between the chairs. I wonder why he’s there then see that he isn’t actually 20 but instead is in his late 40’s. He has some-salt-and-mostly-pepper-colored hair, chest hair peeking out of his shirt, and a very large belly. That’s when I realized why he doesn’t take his shirt off on Teen Wolf.

I have nothing to say about this part. I think it’s pretty self explanatory.

I was very angry.

Backstory time. So there’s this mean-in-a-bad-sarcastic way girl, Sonia*, who was a senior when I was a freshman, and she was “helping my teacher out” during one of my classes. She then decides to sort everyone in the class into a Hogwarts house, and she puts me in Slytherin. I was upset because Slytherin is where the dark wizards usually go, and I did not and do not want to be a dark wizard. From that moment on, I hated her.

My dream from a few months ago went something like this:

I was just hanging out in the school parking lot with some schoolmates and “Sorting Hat Sonia*.” In my dream, she seemed like a nice person who was similar to my normal friends. She started giving makeovers or something, and she came up to me and shaved my eyebrow off. One eyebrow. Like. Just the right eyebrow. I didn’t notice at first, but when I felt the breeze on my now bald brow, I was furious. First of all, that was my eyebrow. Second, at least make it symmetrical? I began charging at her, but everyone else held me back because I was so angry. She ran away with a smirk on her face. When everyone let me go, I ran around my school trying to find her because I had a strong urge to kill her. (This is a dream-only feeling. I do not want to kill anyone in real life.) I was stalking through the halls trying to spot her or hear her taunting chuckles. After several minutes of this frivolous searching, I decided to go key her car. (This is also a dream-only feeling. I do not want to vandalize property belonging to any one.) As I made my way over to her car, I woke up.

*Name has been changed

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I had a dream last night…

It was a two-parter.

Part 1:

It was nighttime. I was in a house with my father and a friend. He was taking us through the house as some sort of lesson on how to observe, so we could solve puzzles more easily. We were upstairs, and at the end of a hallway, there was a door that opened to some sort of indoor carpeted deck that was over the living room. There were two ways to get onto the deck; through the door at the end of the hallway and through a door in the master bedroom. The residents of the house were asleep in their master bedroom, so I guess we were in some random house. As we were walking down the hallway, we heard noises coming from the stairwell, and we ran to the door to the deck. Just before I made it onto the deck to escape the sounds, I saw a shadow of a giant spider. We ran onto the deck and closed the door. We were behind a door that had a round doorknob; the spider couldn’t open it because it didn’t have fingers or thumbs. We heard ruckus from the spider in its frustration to open the door. This caused the people in the master bedroom to wake up and freak out because they couldn’t open their door either. I didn’t see them, but I guess they didn’t have digits either. The spider sounds subsided, and everything was calm. Then, all of a sudden, my father was not on the deck, and my friend and I see a bear tearing up the kitchen downstairs. My mother suddenly appeared with us, and we were all downstairs as well. The bear was right there just attacking all of the appliances and counter tops, so I stood there frozen in terror, hoping that the bear wouldn’t notice us. My companions apparently had the same idea. Then, the bear disappeared, and my dad was back. He asked us, “Could you tell that I was the bear?”

That was part one. I assume that the spider and house owners are all perfectly safe and sound. Their kitchen, however, was trashed.

Part 2:

I was part of a singing group with a girl, a guy, and Beyonce. We were all my age, 15, and we were in my living room. Beyonce and I went to my room because I had to talk to her about the band and her hair which was weird that day. She had quite short hair, and it was all pinned to her head with small claw hair clips. When we walked in the door, she took out a gun, and pointed it at me. I was told to hide behind my bedroom door. There was a gun aimed at me, so I hid behind the door. Then the guy in our group came to get us or something, and she made him go hide behind my bed. The guy and I were non verbally communicating, and we made a plan to attack and disarm her. We started to execute our plan, but he ran away before we were completely successful. It was ok though because I won the fight, and we went back to the living room. Beyonce magically became her current age when she saw a small baby in a little car seat thing. Apparently, it was Blue Ivy because Beyonce lay next to it and whispered while stroking the baby’s arm, “It’s ok, Blue Ivy. You don’t have to be famous if you don’t want to be.”

That was the second part of my dream.

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